Guest Comments

Iola introduced herself and showed me to The Cottage, the smallest of all the cabins. It was adorable, as I had expected, with a fishing theme, old-fashioned furnishings, a sweet, blue quilt, a tiny kitchenette and a half bath. A private full bath and shower was located just steps away in a separate building. --Debbie G. (Full Review)

Peaceful, quiet and cradled beneath the most beautiful mountains in the West. What a spirit blessing and an uplift for the soul to awaken each morning to this magnificent view. --Ruth D. (Oregon)

You have a wonderful place. It was just beautiful. We couldn't decide if we wanted to go see things or just stay at the cabin. Thanks for the hospitality... --Gary and Sandy V. (Missouri)

This has been a truly wonderful place! We've watched the "march" of the bison complete with playing babies, jumping pronghorn and one of the most beautiful rainbows God has ever made! All from right here at Moulton Cabins! --Sheila, Ruth, Brenda and Sue (Minnesota)

To be able to spend a week in this wonderful setting and to experience its beauty and wonder has been a perfect retreat for our family. Nature has blessed this place and you have blended a home with God's creation in a way that is truly special. Thank you very much for your warmth and hospitality, for the details you have worked so hard - and so creatively - to make this a most unique experience. --Stan and Shelton S. (North Carolina)

Our visit to Mormon Row and staying here has been so fun. The view,... the full moon at night, the animals etc... Everything was wonderful. Couldn't do anything any better. --Dean and Judy (California)

My wife stayed here in 2006 and since then I've been looking forward to coming here with her. I had great expectations, but these paled in comparison to actually experiencing this wonderful place for myself. As we went on float trips, fished and saw the sights, I thought of coming "home" to our cabin at the Moulton Ranch. Although I've visited the valley numerous times since 1959, only this place feels like home. Thank you for sharing this place. --James and Ruth (Kentucky)

The cabins had all we needed and more. Everything was clean and in great condition. We feel like you opened up your home to us by sharing this special place. Thank you for a wonderful stay. --Matt and Patti W. (New Jersey)

We were very impressed with your hospitality, ranch-style craftsmanship, landscaping and organization. All of this in a remarkable setting where the buffalo and antelope roam. We'll be back! --John and Alice M. (California)

This was our favorite place to stay during our trip to Wyoming. Waking up to the view of the Tetons in the distance was breath taking. The beds were comfortable and the facilities were clean. --Ann, Pete, Beth and Billy (Rhode Island)

A really wonderful place to stay. The views of the mountains were amazing - so much history just walking up and down Mormon Row, and to sit on the deck with a drink as the sun went down - just magical! We have backpacked round the world and the expression we used for finding a good place to stay, with a view was "We've cracked it!" We certainly did that here! --Tina and Philip (England)

What a fantastic place you have here! We'll treasure the days that we spent here and will always remember having nature's discovery channel out the back window. Thank you so much for welcoming us into your home. Can't recall the last time I felt so relaxed. --Joy and Kristen (Georgia)

If there is such a thing as magic in country accommodations, this is certainly it. The cabin is truly enchanting; the garden picture-perfect. And the stars at night! Thank you for sharing your beautiful property and warm hospitality. --Deborah Garner (

We have so enjoyed staying at the Moulton Ranch Cabins, in part due to: The cozy honey log cabins, the fantastic flowery grounds, the baby buffalo visit, the proximity to great hiking, the frosty mornings and cool days, and the Grand Tetons. --Fred and Bev (Iowa)

Your welcome matched that of the Tetons! Magnificence in superlative is the view from your yard. We couldn't have had a better time. --Brian and Maureen (New York)